We are a Catholic Parish located in Southwest St. Louis County, Missouri, serving the communities of Crestwood and Sunset Hills.


           Love God.    Love Others.    Make Disciples.


  • God is the ultimate, undeniable answer.
  • The Eucharist is God’s greatest gift, and its regular celebration is the source and focus of our faith.
  • Daily prayer is an essential link to God, and we are called to participate in prayer as a parish community, in small Christian Communities, as well as in private.
  • As disciples, it is our responsibility to continually study our faith, and to provide the means for others, especially the young, to grow in knowledge, understanding, and practice.
  • We recognize all we have as gifts from God, and we return to Him a portion of those gifts by generously sharing of ourselves, sustaining the Church, and serving our neighbor.
  • The way we live and practice Christianity through the heritage of the Roman Catholic Church should serve to draw others to Christ. Such evangelization is required of us as disciples.
  • By continually reaching out and welcoming our brothers and sisters where they are, across all generations, life stages, and phases of discipleship, we grow a strong Community and pass on what we have inherited.
  • We do all things to the best of our ability, to glorify God.


St. Justin Martyr School 

The Faith Community of St. Justin Martyr Parish supports the work of parents in fostering a faith-based Catholic education. We strive to prepare students spiritually to be active members of our Catholic faith, heritage and traditions; academically to be cognitive, well-rounded, life-long learners; and morally to live out our Baptismal commitment to love God and neighbor, respect each other, and carry out the Good News through service to all.

The school is staffed by teachers and a principal who are certified by the State and the Religious Education Department of the Archdiocese. Is is accredited by the Missouri Chapter of the National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Associations.