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Our Mission

Love God.  Love Others. Make Disciples.


  • God is the ultimate, undeniable answer.
  • The Eucharist is God’s greatest gift, and its regular celebration is the source and focus of our faith.
  • Daily prayer is an essential link to God, and we are called to participate in prayer as a parish community, in small Christian Communities, as well as in private.
  • As disciples, it is our responsibility to continually study our faith, and to provide the means for others, especially the young, to grow in knowledge, understanding, and practice.
  • We recognize all we have as gifts from God, and we return to Him a portion of those gifts by generously sharing of ourselves, sustaining the Church, and serving our neighbor.
  • The way we live and practice Christianity through the heritage of the Roman Catholic Church should serve to draw others to Christ. Such evangelization is required of us as disciples.
  • By continually reaching out and welcoming our brothers and sisters where they are, across all generations, life stages, and phases of discipleship, we grow a strong Community and pass on what we have inherited.
  • We do all things to the best of our ability, to glorify God.