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March for Life in Washington DC – 2018

Thirteen youth and five adults traveled to Washington DC to stand up for the dignity of all human life. We rode the bus, we marched, we saw many sights. Interspersed in these photos you will find some quotes from us about what we learned.

A sickness of the soul

Individual Racism Vs Racial Inequity in Our Region

Why should racial inequality matter to us as Catholics? And how is God calling us to respond? Fr. Bryan Massingale answers questions in a recent speech about how “racism is a sickness of the soul.”. Also, read about Sr. Mary Antona Ebo and her longtime fight for racial equality

hands holding paper house homeless shelter and real estate concept

Yes, There Is Room at the Inn

“A few days before Christmas, Jeremy Anderson sat in the basement of Christ the King Church in University City with his girlfriend and one-year-old son as they ate a barbecue dinner. ” Read about their experience in this story from the St. Louis Review.