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Pastoral Council

A row of school lockers outside a class room **Note slight blurriness, best at small sizes.

School Homework and Grades

Saint Justin Martyr School uses A2Z Gradebook to communicate with parents about homework and grades

leather basketball isolated on a white background

Labels for Education

We redeem our bonus points from Campbells, Pepperidge Farm and other labels for playground equipment, classroom resources, art and craft supplies, electronics, classroom organizers and so much more.

makerspace 1

Makerspace: Persistence

This week the third grade worked on a Makerspace Challenge: You found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but now you need to cross a river to escape from the leprechauns.


Makerspace – Maggie

In Makerspace I’m making a string lantern. I’m using balloons for the shape of the lantern.


Makerspace – Maria

Today I made a DIY Vera Bradley bag. I had to sew both sides of the zipper and all four corners. Surprisingly, it was my first time using a sewing machine!