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The Crew shared a meal, conversation, and music with the homeless on a cold winter night. This was a beautiful way to prepare ourselves for Christmas. #TooBlessedToBeStressed

FOCUS Sunday Supper Service Project

Sunday, December 10th 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Contact: Jeannine Szatkowski 314-472-5717

We will serve Sunday Supper at FOCUS Gateway City. Every Sunday, this program serves over 100 meals to those in need in our community. For many of the guests, this is the only meal they will eat on Sunday.

When serving at FOCUS, we sit at the tables with the guests and treat them as we would visitors in our own homes. We get up and bring them a plate of food and have conversations with them. In doing this, we have a better understanding of the complexity of poverty and how it impacts people.

All ages are welcome to join us, but students in 8th grade or younger must be accompanied by a parent.  Be a messenger of peace through service to others.

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