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Celebration of Blessings

Saturday, February 3rd 6:00 PM
Cost: $60 per person

Only $31,994 dollars to go (as of Tuesday, 1:30pm) to reach our goal of $40,000 for the Celebration of Blessings Gala for this coming February 3rd. We have received $8,008 in sponsorships to date and are now 20% of the way toward our goal. So, let this serve as a reminder to you to make your sponsor pledge soon.

Remember, you can be a sponsor at any of the following levels:

Archangel $2,500.00 or more
Angel $ 1,500.00 or more
Apostle $ 1,000.00 or more
Martyr $ 500.00 or more
Saint $ 250.00 or more
Blessed $ 100.00 or more
Venerable $ 25.00 or more

Tickets prices are the same as last year – $60 per individual or $120 per couple. You may make your reservation/sponsor pledge by returning the RSVP card, or can do it all online at the following link:

You may also make your pledge through the following link:

While this is not our traditional auction evening with baskets and raffles and items to bid on (okay, there are just a few – Fr. Bill’s dinner and 9 items of artwork made by each respective class), it is a chance to continue to support the mission of St. Justin Martyr parish and school. This gala evening remains our largest single fundraiser event, and as such, plays an important role in our financial stability. Please consider becoming a sponsor at one of the levels listed above.

And, it is simply an evening to come together to celebrate all the ways God has blessed us in each other. We gather so often to work, to do ‘Faith in Action’, to hold fish fries, to coach and/or watch sporting events, and even to pray. But we seldom gather just to be together as a whole parish. Just to enjoy one another’s company. Just to tell stories of grace and love and life. And we seldom get to hold an event on such an auspicious day – that of the birthday of Fr. Johnson. So come and join the celebration and party! There will be musical entertainment. There will be a celebration of the Birthday Boy. And a celebration of YOU!

And, here is my final request – we want to celebrate “A Year in the Life of SJM” in a slide show. So send in those pictures of groups gathering in backyards and kitchens; of coaches coaching and athletes playing and teachers teaching; send us pictures of all the events that take place in a year here at St. Justin Martyr parish – the funny pics and the serious ones and all the stages in-between. Attach them as a file to an email sent to If you could do so by Monday, Jan. 29th, that would be wonderful. I look forward to filling the Liuna banquet hall on Feb. 3rd. See you there!

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