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Saint Justin Martyr Parish Logos

We are excited to unveil a new logo to serve as the visual representation of our identity as Saint Justin Martyr. This new logo is the culmination of many months of work, beginning with the Pastoral Council’s recommendations around strategic communications within the parish. Highly effective communication is not just for the business world – it is central to the work of the Church and to our own parish community.

This past fall, we commissioned a Communications Assessment that was funded through a grant from the Archdiocesan Communications Office. Recommendations included the creation of an ad hoc Communications Team to define and begin implementation of three strategic efforts. The first of these was to establish a consolidated brand identity across all ministries and activities of the parish. In this context, the term brand simply reflects the ability to distinguish and connect to who we are as a parish. A core requirement of this branding concept is a single, consistent, and universal logo. With this new logo, everyone within and outside our parish will be able to consistently recognize Saint Justin Martyr in our communications.

Based on these objectives, the Communications Team developed a range of options that culminated in the final version presented here. This new logo has the following characteristics:

  • A trio of three figures evoking our mission statement, “Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples.”
  • Clean and simple graphics, easily reproduced in any medium
  • Contemporary look, featuring a sans serif typeface
  • Red color symbolizing the martyr designation of our patron, Saint Justin
  • The outline of our church’s roof with steeple, reflecting a sense of “home”
  • Joyful hope symbolized in the sunrise over the church
  • The shape of a crest suggesting the history and heritage of our parish family

Going forward, this new logo is to be used exclusively for all materials produced for the parish, school, PSR, athletic teams, and any other organizations. Any exceptions, as needed, will need to be approved by me with the advice of the Communications Team. Electronic versions of the logo in all three variants are available now on the parish website, along with current branding standards.

Thanks to the Communications Team, including Mary Ward, Brian Miller, Heather Cox, and Joanne Zipfel, for their outstanding work on our behalf.

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