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Faith in Action Book Club: Tattoos on the Heart – Reflection and Questions for Chapters 2 and 3

It’s not too late to join our Faith in Action Book Club! You’ve got plenty of time to read the book before our November 8th discussion at 7 pm in the St. Justin Gathering Space.

Here are some thoughts to ponder as you read the next few chapters:

  1. In a recent speech at the University Of Notre Dame, Rev. Boyle said: “It’s connection and kinship that ultimately heals people. Training will come as a kind of side-order, but the main meal is tenderness and healing.” As you read, look for examples of how the “process“ Homeboy Industries provides is more important than achieving a particular outcome.
  2. The book is organized around stories that read like parables of faith. What did these stories teach you about kinship, compassion, redemption and mercy? How are some of these key lessons applicable in your daily life?

Spiritual Reflection:

Come, Holy Spirit, and open our hearts, minds, and souls to your presence. Grace us with the strength to follow the examples of Jesus. Like Jesus, may the Spirit provide us with a voice to cry out for justice for the poor. Remind us that what we do to the least of those among us, we do to you.

~ Answering the Voice of the Spirit, The Catholic Campaign for Human Development

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