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Faith in Action Update and Survey

What a wonderful day we had on our first day of service at SJM!  Everyone should be proud as we turned out in large numbers to work together and build community.  THANK YOU to everyone that donated their time and talents, it truly was an amazing day. Here is the impact we made in one single afternoon:

  • Well over 350 volunteers showed up to serve
  • More than 1100 hours of service was donated in one day–this is the equivalent of 27 people working full time for a whole week!
  • We had 40 volunteers serve at 11 different parishioners and other neighbors homes in our community
  • More than 600 sandwiches, trail mix, water and fruit were prepared and delivered to 3 different organizations who serve the homeless or provide food to those in need
  • 20 homebound parishioners were visited and given homemade bread and decorated pots from our youngest volunteers
  • More than 80 flower pots were painted, planted and give to those in our community
  • An entire truck was filled for donations to St. Vincent De Paul
  • 44 fleece blankets were hand made for the Mary Culver Home, Room at the Inn and a children’s organization.
  • We had 60 volunteers serve off site at four different locations- the Crestwood Police, The Daughters of St. Paul, Angel’s Arms and the International Institute.
  • Almost $400 was raised by the cotton candy, snow cone and lemonade stand to benefit Room at the Inn
  • More than 200 math and reading packets were made for area students in need as well as hundreds of books donated!
  • Our parish got a major face lift thanks to closets being cleaned out,  gardens planted, landscaping being maintained and updated, painting, window washing and much more!
  • Best of all was the unity that this day produced among our own parish community-from the youngest to the oldest!

The question of the day was “WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN!?!”  We want to reassure you this is just the beginning of many exciting opportunities.  As of now our next events are:

  • Room at the Inn beginning June 3rd and then every first Saturday moving forward
  • Father Jack Schuler is coming to speak on June 7th.  The title of his presentation is “Catholic Social Teachings- The Street Strategies of the Church”.
  • Our mental health educational series will also begin in June and will run through August. If you would like to be a part of this planning committee, please contact Erin Hopfinger at
  • August 6th will be a day of service focused on Mental Health organizations.
  • We will have our on-going “needs and deeds” opportunities to serve or seek assistance. If you are in need of help (help/chores  around your house, ride to doctor appointment)  or willing to help someone in our community please let us know by contacting Erin Hopfinger at 314-303-8540 or

However, most importantly we want to hear from you! Please take the time to answer the following four questions so we can make our next Day of Service even better.  Or send your responses to Erin Hopfinger at or 314-303-8540 or to Anne Milford at THANK YOU!!
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